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Case Studies


Heineken - Increased Heineken’s Mailing List

Event Overview

  • Client: Heineken
  • Event Type: Social Gathering
  • Event locations: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Date: 10/31/2009
  • Number of units: One


  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Photos taken: 250
  • Total unique emails captured: 224

The Challenge

Heineken wanted to cover their annual Monsters Ball Halloween celebration in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their aim was to promote and direct users to

The Solution

Agency A1 hired PhotoMax to integrate an interactive experience for Heineken’s annual Monster’s Ball Halloween party.

In 4 hours, 250 photos were taken and 224 unique emails were collected. Since users had the option to opt in to mailing list through PhotoMax, Heineken City significantly grew their mailing list and then went on to upload it to Facebook where they increased their friends.

"A BRAND is no longer what we tell the CONSUMER it is... it is what CONSUMERS tell EACH OTHER it is" Scott Cook

About Heineken

Since 1886, the unique Heineken A-yeast has guaranteed the pure, premium taste of Heineken beer. After 13 years of prohibition, in 1933, Heineken set foot on American soil. In 1937, the first Heineken beer was brewed outside the Netherlands, in the Dutch East Indies. Over the ensuing years, growth and acquisitions substantially expanded the company, particularly in Europe, which created a stronger, more competitive business focused on sustainable growth. Four generations of the Heineken family have been passionately involved in the expansion of the Heineken brand and company throughout the world. By the 21st century, the small 19th-century local Amsterdam brewer has grown into a worldwide business with a global brand, employing more than 55,000 people.