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Maxposure Maxbox


The Maxbox is the world's first interactive sampler that engages your customers and gets your name heard throughout your campaign.

The Maxbox is an interactive vending machine that accepts Tweets and phone calls to dispense a free gift of your choosing! Your guests will be wowed with the display and the speed at which it delivers their gift. This is a must have for tech-savvy promotions where your product can spread further than where you placed your campaign.

Add value to your existing services by simply renting one for your next event or campaign.

Key Features

  • The Maxbox is a traditional style vending machine with a modern twist
  • It can be activated via a call or tweet from your guests
  • The Maxbox features a fully-kitted vending machine, with optional refrigeration
  • Lift-style vending machine ensuring your product arrives safe and unharmed
  • Adjustable trays to fit a custom sized product (keep in mind bigger product, less product in machine)
  • The Maxbox can be fully branded by our inhouse design team
  • Dispense a product with a hashtag of your choice to spread your name throughout your campaign or activation
  • Create a marketing database through the Maxbox's data capturing feature
  • The Maxbox can limit one product to one customer to ensure no abuse
  • Dimensions: LDH 775mm*940mm*1840mm